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Former president of cuba fidel castro has died today because of ill. He was ruled cuba from 1976 to 2008.he is a father of cuba. When his body is wrinkled he give his presidentship to his brother raval castro in 2008.

Nowadays,we peoples are destroy the forest areas, agricultural lands, and trees into houses, industries and for constructing roads etc. We increase the destroying ratio of nature is going on rapidly, and the nature will hurt them in the form of tsunami, cyclones, heavy rains, floods, sea raises, etc.

Recently the temperature raise in the artic region of the world. The ice rocks surround by the North pole of artic region has been affected by the season changes and increase the temperature into 20'c.

Now the winter season is going on in artic region, usually in the winter season there is a lack of light from the sun, hencethe artic looks like  sea water freezes into ice rocks, this year the sea water not freezes due to the season change.

From 1981 to 2010 the average freezing point of this year is reduced to 28.5%. Hence the world metrological association secretary FEDERE DALAS told that artic region has the temperature of about 10'fahrenheit to 12.6 Fahrenheit this year.

And the other areas of artic such as Alaska, north west of canada has the temperature of about 5.4' Fahrenheit increases, and he told that previous year also affected by the increase in temperature. 

South Korea's opposition People's Party will start collecting signatures for an impeachment motion against President Park Geun-hye, while the main opposition Democratic Party will review the conditions for impeachment party spokesmen said on Monday.

South Korean prosecutors said on Sunday they believe Park was an accomplice in an influence-peddling scandal that has rocked her administration.

Park's close friend Choi Soon-sil and former presidential aide An Chong-bum have been charged with abuse of power by pressuring companies to contribute funds to foundations at the centre of the scandal.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Seoul on Saturday in the fourth straight weekend of protests against Park, in the biggest public demonstrations the country has seen since the 1980s.

Park, who's five-year term ends in February 2018, has resisted calls to resign but has apologised twice, saying she only sought to benefit the economy not herself, but acknowledges carelessness in her ties with Choi.

The People's Party, with 38 seats in the single-chamber 300-member parliament, has started efforts to remove Park from office and will talk with other parties to get signatures for an impeachment motion, said a party spokesman Lee Yong-ho.

An impeachment motion requires at least half of the parliament to start and needs a two-thirds majority to pass.

If an impeachment motion passes parliament, it is reviewed by the Constitutional Court, which has to confirm it with at least six of its nine judges. Political analysts say an impeachment motion against Park has a good chance of passing.

The Democratic Party, which has 121 seats, said on Monday it would start reviewing the conditions for impeachment proceedings but did not commit to starting the motion.

"Impeachment proceedings need perfect preparations as much is possible," Choo Mi-ae, head of the Democratic Party told a party meeting, adding the best scenario was for Park to step down.

Political analysts have said opposition parties are not pushing hard for impeachment because if the motion fails, it will improve Park's chances of surviving the crisis.

In 2004, parliament voted to impeach then-President Roh Moo-hyun, only to have the motion overturned by the Constitutional Court. The move was unpopular with the public, which saw it as an abuse of power by the opposition, which had a majority

A Saudi soldier was killed today by a missile fired by Yemeni rebels across the border into the kingdom's southern Asir province, the interior ministry said.

The Iran-allied Shia Houthis, who are battling the internationally recognised government of Yemen's President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, often fire mortars into southern Saudi regions and test Saudi defences with guerrilla-style incursions.

The attack came hours before the Saudi-led coalition, that is supporting Hadi in the war, announced a ceasefire in an effort to end a conflict that has displaced millions of people and caused a humanitarian disaster.

The 48-hour truce started at noon (0900 GMT) today, but it is unclear if it will remain in force after the Houthi attacks inside Saudi Arabia.

The Houthis confirmed the attack in a statement on their Saba news agency.

Earlier today, Saudi jets bombed Yemen's Houthi-held capital of Sana'a and an area of farmland in Yemen's southern Shabwa province, the statement said.

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies intervened in Yemen's war in March 2015 to support Hadi's government. Several dozen Saudi soldiers have been killed in clashes along the long, rugged border with Yemen.

Since October, Houthi rebels have fired missiles in the direction of Islam's holiest site, Mecca, which several times threatened the city considered sacred by Muslims around the world
China and India—two Asian super powers and the most populous countries in the world. For a long time, they’ve been naturally considered competitors and the battle between the “dragon and the elephant” has long been a topic of international discussion. In reality, this competition has been lopsided for quite some time, as China’s GDP is five times larger than India’s. However, in 2015 India’s growth rate surpassed China’s for the first time to become a rare bright spot in the world economy. The “China vs. India” discussion is once again heating up.

As an important component of future economic growth, China and India are both focused on developing their internet industries. Not only are the governments of both countries actively promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, but both have put forward internet development plans—“Digital India” in India and “Internet+” in China. The internet industry might be the area in which the competition between China and India is the narrowest. Because of this, both sides are excited by the competition.

What is the state of China and India’s internet development? Which country will be the global leader in the future? Can we predict India’s internet market development path from China’s internet development experience? The current report will attempt to provide a comprehensive comparison of the internet markets of China and India from the perspective of internet user bases, markets, culture and policy to analyze the current state and future development challenges of the internet in China and India.

Ⅰ. China Leads the overall internet development of India

To determine whether a particular country is a developed country in terms of the internet, you can look at the question from two different angles: 1) Does a country have an extensive internet consumer market and spending power? 2) Does a country have world-class internet companies? From these two perspectives, China is far ahead of India at the present stage.

1.China: Largest Internet Market in the world

As two hugely populous countries, the massive internet user bases of China and India undoubtedly serve as the foundations for their internet development and determines how much space for growth the internet companies in their respective countries have. But even though the countries have similar populations, China and India’s internet markets have developed at a vastly different pace. According to the State of Broadband 2016 report published by the UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development on September 15, China has the world’s largest internet market with 721 million users, while India has overtaken the United States to become the world's second largest Internet market, with 333 million users. In terms of mobile internet users, according to online statistics portal Statista, China’s mobile internet penetration rate is 44.91% as of 2016. If you estimate China’s population at 1.4 billion people, that means that China has 629 million mobile internet users. India on the other hand has a mobile internet penetration rate of 24.33%, or 316 million people (total population 1.3 billion). When you compare the two countries, India possesses roughly half the mobile internet users as China.

As a result of this huge and rapidly developing market, China’s internet companies were able to rise quickly and become major players.

2.Chinese Internet Companies leads to Top of Global Rankings

According to Statista’s data, as of May 2016, China had seven of the top 19 internet companies in the world by market value, compared to 11 in the U.S, one in Japan and zero in India. According to Cheetah Mobile’s Big Data analysis platform libra, at the end of 2015, China possessed eight of the top 14 mobile internet companies in terms of active users, as compared to four in the U.S., one in South Korea and one in Russia (if you include Cheetah Mobile then China has nine of the top 15 companies). From these two perspectives, China has already become a great internet power.

The rise of Chinese companies has not only been dependent on the domestic market. Since the beginning of 2015, Chinese mobile internet companies have been expanding globally. Countless companies, from Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu to Cheetah Mobile, YY Inc. and Meitu, as well as numerous small-scale internet companies and app developers, have been heavily focused on expanding overseas.

Aliexpress, the overseas version of Alibaba’s flagship e-commerce platform Taobao, has already made major inroads into overseas markets, including Russia where it is the number one e-commerce service.

Cheetah Mobile was one of the first Chinese internet companies to expand overseas, with more than 3.1 billion app downloads globally and 623 million MAUs, among which 80% are in developed markets in Europe and America. Cheetah Mobile’s overseas live streaming app live.me has infiltrated mainstream American youth culture, while surpassing popular American live steaming app Periscope in the process.

India’s burgeoning internet companies possess a golden opportunity for overseas expansion due to the status of English as India’s de facto national language and the huge Indian diaspora, but despite these natural advantages only a handful of Indian companies have achieved overseas success, including online and mobile restaurant directory Zomato and mobile advertising company InMobi. At the current stage, India’s internet companies are mostly still in the local development stage.

3.Chinese Smartphones Sold All Over the world

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are among the top companies in the world in terms of global shipments. According to Bloomberg, during the four years from 2012 to 2015, Chinese branded smartphone shipments rose much more rapidly than established overseas brands like Apple and Samsung.

According to data compiled by market research organization Gartner, Chinese brands accounted for three of the top five smartphone brands by global shipments in the second quarter of 2016, including Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi.

These impressive results aren’t simply due to the low price of Chinese phones and China’s massive consumer base. In fact, Chinese smartphone brands have already begun shifting towards the high-end market. According to a report by China Central Television (CCTV), shipments of Huawei, OPPO and Vivo account for 40% of the total $500 and up smartphone market as they compete directly with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series. Moreover, Chinese smartphone brands have already established footholds in overseas markets. A large portion of Huawei, ZTE, TCL and Lenovo’s sales come from overseas, including approximately 40% for Huawei and 60% for ZTE. ZTE is the second ranked phone brand in Russia with a 9.4% market share, fourth in Europe and South Africa, and fifth in Australia and Mexico.

Unlike Earth's Great Rift Valley, Mercury's great valley is not caused by the pulling apart of lithospheric plates due to plate tectonics; it is the result of the global contraction of a shrinking one-plate planet.About 400 kilometres wide and three kilometres deep, Mercury’s great valley is smaller than Mars’ Valles Marineris, but larger than North America’s Grand Canyon.

Scientists used images from NASA’s Messenger spacecraft to create a high-resolution topographic map that revealed the broad valley — more than 1,000 kilometres long — extending into the Rembrandt basin, one of the largest and youngest impact basins on Mercury

Mumbai:15 players for indian test team to be announce tomorrow for upcoming England Test series that starts on Nov 9th of this month by team selection committee. Gautam gambhir looks retains his place in Indian test side, recently gambhir played in the third test match of new zealand test Series. India recently won the test series against new zealand with 3-0.