The United states, Russia, Japan and 13 other countries are planned to set up a international space lab, it's height is 418 km from the earth, and it's cost is about 100 billion dollars (6 lakh and 10 thousand crores)floating on the international space station. And the scientists are stayed in that space station to do some research, NASA astronaut Shane kimpuro started a research in ilaikos spinach grown. We are familiar in earth that farmers are adapt to the seasons to planting a crops as same as in space we give a healthy diet to the astronauts.

So in the international space station ilaikos type of lettuces are growned by the scientists, and the lettuce varieties take 4 weeks to grow. And we need to harvests it after well grown said by the NASA vegetable project manager Nicola tapor, and so for the astronauts who are in the MARS planet research we get healthy diets to the astronaut without fail.

CEO of Apple company Tim cook announced that the sales of iphone are raises 50% in india,he told that when compared to 2015 the raise of iphone is 50% in 2016. And he told that we started a new journey in the growing market of india. India place a important position in commercial market, and he said that india has the biggest market capability in smartphones and china is the important position in core of the smartphones. From october 2015 to september 2016, approximately 25 lakhs iphone  are sales in india,and he said that recently due to the samsung Galaxy 7 fire controversy, Apple company takes plan to overtake the samsung in india. 
Apple has officially set an event for  to launch a new MacBook on Thursday in which it’s expected to roll out a redesign of the MacBook.The October 27 event teaser tagline is "hello again," likely a reference to the Mac, which has been introduced with the “hello” tagline in the past.
The event’s main attraction should be new MacBooks, according to Rhoda Alexander, Director Tablet and Notebook PCs at IHS Markit Technology.“I think we'll see a new version of the [MacBook] Air and the two [MacBook] Pro models,” Alexander told in a phone interview.

The 13.3-inch and 15.4-inch MacBook Pros will likely get a new design, Alexander said, while the 13-inch MacBook Air is expected to see more modest improvements.Reports over the weekend, based on comments from an analyst in Asia, said that in addition to the MacBook Pros, there will be a "13-inch MacBook." Based on those reports, it's not clear if it would be the MacBook Air or a new thin-and-light MacBook.Among other things, Alexander expects newfangled keyboards containing “OLED function bars…but just on the [MacBook] Pros." Instead of the standard function keys at the top of all keyboards today, the new Pros are expected to have an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display-based set of virtual function keys that change dynamically according to the task the user is doing.

Indian country discovered a new bird flu diseases. Many of the birds were died in the Delhi national bird sanctuary without any threat,and in madhya pradesh Gwalior zoological Park 10 birds were also died. H5N8 is the diseases name that was identified and announced by the central government of India. Due to this issue central government requested to state government to take serious in the bird flu diseases. 

5th generation 5G wireless communication service, high-speed application, but also the millions of cars without a driver connected to the Internet, home appliances as well as to be capable of connecting. Each and breadth of the country with the aim of connecting with communication and web technology were prepared to serve 5 aitarapat IIT-G., Professor of Department of Electrical Engineering, Khushi says Kiran. Reliance Geo along with the state, some private telecom companies including Tata telicarvicas are combined to offer this service. By introducing this sophisticated service will also increase the number of web users.

England tour of India :

England seamed Jimmy Anderson misses his first test match against india. England cricket team comes to India in the month of November to play five test matches, five ODI matches, and three t20 matches. Test matches starts on 9th November, at the Rajkot. After the end of test matches England team go back to their country to celebrate Christmas festival,and again come back to India to play their ODI matches. ODI matches starts on 15th January and end upto January 22,After the end of ODI series three t20 series to be play. T20 starts on 26th January to February 1.There is no replacement of players announced for the Absence of Jimmy Anderson. 

In order to develop the airspace defence, india like to buy a missile from Russian country, the name of the missile is S-400 triumph.


On the account of BRICS summit that is to be done on tomorrow and day after tomorrow at Goa(india), An Russian president viladimir pudin is to be participate in that summit. On this summit the agreement is to be sign between india and Russia.


There are about 5 missiles is to be brought from Russia, it's cost is 50 billion dollars (33,000 crores).It has the capability to destroy, 36 jet aeroplanes in one single attack,and it is able to go 400 kilometres to attack. 

The Germanian company announces the launch of 3 series GT in Indian country. The company planned to launch it in coming festivals time.Recently it was launched in Paris car showroom in France.  In this car 2.0 diesel engine has been fixed. And it have the capability of 187 PHP and 400Nm torque. 
China started their tests for 5G network service in the country. Indian network system gives 4G service for our people,on behalf of China announces the  launching of 5G service to the people before 2020.Just now there are about 130 crore peoples are using the smartphones, on that 30% of the peoples having 4G service. The network speed of 4G is 1gbps just now, and the speed of 5G is 10gbps.Just now 4G users get their information in 10 milliseconds in the internets, and the range of 5G to get the information in 1 milliseconds. China constructing their towers in important 100 cities in their country.