Artic temperature raises a new warning to the world

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Nowadays,we peoples are destroy the forest areas, agricultural lands, and trees into houses, industries and for constructing roads etc. We increase the destroying ratio of nature is going on rapidly, and the nature will hurt them in the form of tsunami, cyclones, heavy rains, floods, sea raises, etc.

Recently the temperature raise in the artic region of the world. The ice rocks surround by the North pole of artic region has been affected by the season changes and increase the temperature into 20'c.

Now the winter season is going on in artic region, usually in the winter season there is a lack of light from the sun, hencethe artic looks like  sea water freezes into ice rocks, this year the sea water not freezes due to the season change.

From 1981 to 2010 the average freezing point of this year is reduced to 28.5%. Hence the world metrological association secretary FEDERE DALAS told that artic region has the temperature of about 10'fahrenheit to 12.6 Fahrenheit this year.

And the other areas of artic such as Alaska, north west of canada has the temperature of about 5.4' Fahrenheit increases, and he told that previous year also affected by the increase in temperature. 


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