NASA tested the lettuce grown in experimental space research center

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The United states, Russia, Japan and 13 other countries are planned to set up a international space lab, it's height is 418 km from the earth, and it's cost is about 100 billion dollars (6 lakh and 10 thousand crores)floating on the international space station. And the scientists are stayed in that space station to do some research, NASA astronaut Shane kimpuro started a research in ilaikos spinach grown. We are familiar in earth that farmers are adapt to the seasons to planting a crops as same as in space we give a healthy diet to the astronauts.

So in the international space station ilaikos type of lettuces are growned by the scientists, and the lettuce varieties take 4 weeks to grow. And we need to harvests it after well grown said by the NASA vegetable project manager Nicola tapor, and so for the astronauts who are in the MARS planet research we get healthy diets to the astronaut without fail.


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